World health day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year and is aimed at highlighting present medical health and medical issue. The world health day establishes what is to come on the global stage with a variety of topics from health and wellbeing to basically anything that concerns the medical world.

This year’s theme for world health day is our planet, our health, and my understanding of this is that as people’s health has improved across the Regions as a result of environmental conservation, economic growth, and other things, a good number of people still lose their lives every year due to environmental hazards and issues that could have been avoided.

Air pollution, polluted water, poor sanitation, including waste disposal are all issues that negatively affect climate change and the environment which in turn cause serious threats to public health.

However, WHO states that they hope the theme; Our Planet, Our Health will be a powerful reminder to us that the resolution of many of these issues are beyond the exclusive purview of the health sector and, as a consequence, an effective response will demand whole of government and whole of society approaches.

Keep reading as we will be discussing 5 Ubuy services you can hire to protect your planet and boost your health.

Gardening Service; while some gardeners chose to garden because they want to grow their own produce, others do it for strictly aesthetic purposes to beautify their property and surroundings. Whichever category you may fall under, what many don’t know is how beneficial gardening is to the environment.

World Health day 2022

How does gardening benefit the environment?

  • Gardening cleans the air and soil; As a result of their respiration and photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide from the environment and in turn give out oxygen. Through this, Plants collect any chemicals, bacteria, or dangerous substances floating in the air and filter them into useful products like oxygen and water.
  • Gardening replenishes and protects the soil; the plant roots help to keep the soil together, thereby preventing it from washing away when it rains.

Plant roots also help to retain nutrients and moisture in the soil. What happens is, that when annual plants die and decay, they are broken down into nutrients that future plants can use. Therefore conserving soil usage and enhancing overall health.

  • Gardening also helps to reduce global warming; planting, even though it’s just a few trees, flowers or vegetables can help reduce the effect of global warming. The thing is, it might not be so much, but at this point, a little goes a long way.

Nutritionist Service; the importance of a nutritionist cannot be over-exaggerated. Getting a nutritionist to fix your diet plan for whatever goal you have from fitness goals to basic lifestyle changes is super important. It’s important for us to note that lifestyle change is necessary because we are continuously growing and hence have to switch up our diet from time to time.

Making healthier choices for world health day

Below are some ways a change in your diet can help the environment;

  • Eating whole grains; whole grains typically reduces pollution because they don’t require as much processing as refined grains do.
  • Purchasing locally produced food from the farmer’s market; helps to cut down on fuel consumption. The transportation of food from far distances requires a lot of fuel which contributes to global warming. And don’t forget that you’ll be eating freshly harvested vegetables at their tastiest and healthiest.
  • Turn your food scraps into fertilizer; this will contribute to the soil that is rich in nutrients and will supply nutritious food for people all around the globe Food is the core of a healthy, vibrant body, and soil is the foundation of nutritious food.

Cleaning Service; the importance of a clean and healthy environment cannot be denied and is important for the existence and survival of life. Maintaining a clean environment minimizes contamination, protects endangered species and aids in the preservation of natural resources on the planet.

Cleaning for world health day

Personal training service (outdoor workout); taking your workout outside is just as wonderful for the environment as it is for you. Because you are not using energy-consuming machinery while you work out outdoors, you are reducing your carbon impact. Exercising at home with minimum electricity is a smart method to begin the reduction process because it does not involve driving or consuming fuel.

World health day 2022

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